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Crackdown 3 Development “Not Going Too Hot Either” – Insider


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  • Crackdown 3 Is ‘All About The Boom’, Says Microsoft
    Bald Bouncer
    Crackdown 3 has been (and still is, to be honest) a long time in the coming- and hopefully this year is the year that we finally get to play it (possibly as a showcase title for the sophisticated tech that the Scorpio will be packing). But the long wait for the game will be worth it, according to Xbox’s Shannon Loftis.

    “If you remember how great the original Crackdowns were, with the big, open cities, and as you leveled up, your cars and weapons leveled up, imagine all of that...
    22-02-2017, 07:16 PM
  • Xbox March Games With Gold Includes Layers of Fear, Borderlands 2
    Bald Bouncer
    Microsoft has revealed the free Games of Gold coming to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in March and once again, it’s quite the impressive selection. Xbox One users get the impressive first person horror title Layers of Fear from March 1st to 31st. From March 16th to April 15th, asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve will be available. It doesn’t seem to be the free to play Evolve: Stage 2 that brings re-balanced mechanics, free content and other nifty additions. Unfortunately, Turtle Rock has moved...
    22-02-2017, 07:11 PM
  • ‘We Are Incredibly Committed To Xbox Play Anywhere,’ Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer
    Bald Bouncer
    There are some who would argue that Microsoft’s strategy of putting all of their games on PC via Xbox Play Anywhere is counter productive, that it reduces incentives to actually invest in their hardware. Others will say that Microsoft is ahead of the curve here, that they are preparing for a hardware platform agnostic future. Still others think that this is just another pet project for Microsoft doomed to be abandoned soon, and fade into irrelevance- not unlike Kinect, or Games for Windows Live....
    19-02-2017, 04:51 PM
  • Sea of Thieves New Trailer Shows Off Alpha 0.1.1 Footage
    Bald Bouncer
    Rare and Microsoft have released a brand new footage for the upcoming shared world action adventure game Sea of Thieves. The footage in this trailer is from the 0.1.1 alpha, but nonetheless shows off some charming, gorgeous visuals.

    It’s not just about seeing how the graphics are coming along, however- this new video also shows off new locations and new enemies, all of which have been featured in the game’s alpha so far. These include new islands and new outposts- you should...
    16-02-2017, 07:29 PM
  • Rocket League Is Free On Xbox One For Gold Members This Weekend
    Bald Bouncer
    If you haven’t yet played Rocket League, first, what have you been doing all this time? Secondly, the good news is, you now have a chance to see what all the hubbub is about- at least if you own an Xbox One. Rocket League is going to be free to play for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers this weekend, so everyone can jump on in and see what the big deal is.

    And if you end up liking it? Well, the good news is, you can purchase it, for 25% off- so if you do end up liking it, you won’t...
    16-02-2017, 07:23 PM
  • Halo Wars 2 Review – One of The Best Real Time Strategy Games of This Generation
    Bald Bouncer
    Perspective. Balance. Precision. Those are the three words that come to mind when playing through developer 343 Industries and The Creative Assembly’s hotly anticipated sequel to 2009’s Halo Wars. This is a game so fine-tuned it’s a wonder why Microsoft hadn’t brought out a new entry in this real-time strategy series for almost eight long years.

    For those new to this series, Halo Wars 2 is not your standard first-person Halo journey. You assume command of an entire battalion...
    16-02-2017, 06:53 PM

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  • Crackdown 3 Development “Not Going Too Hot Either” – Insider

    Between Microsoft cancelling Platinum Games’ Scalebound, rumours of the publisher setting difficult milestones for the studio and many pointing out the number of titles that were just outright cancelled by the House of Xbox, things are looking rather dicey for Phil Spencer and his crew.

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    And apparently Crackdown 3, an Xbox One/PC title that’s seen delays and lack of information, is also floundering. Industry insider shinobi602 addressed Scalebound’s cancellation on NeoGAF, noting how, “It’s a big blow to the Xbox line up. Honestly there’s a serious lack of single player story driven games. Well, exclusive ones at least.

    “Everything is literally MP focused. Forza 7, State of Decay, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown…(and I’ve heard Crackdown isn’t going too hot either, though nothing as bad as this).”

    While this doesn’t mean Crackdown 3 is being cancelled – and despite shinobi602’s reliability as an insider, it’s important to take everything with a grain of salt – the state of exclusives under Spencer’s leadership is certainly concerning.

    This is especially so when the insider noted that, “Their major first party IP are on a decline with Halo doing less than before and Gears 4 not selling that well at all relatively speaking (not good enough to sustain a huge studio with that many workers and budget).”

    What are your thoughts on the whole boondoggle with Scalebound and Microsoft as a whole? Let us know in the comments.

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