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Destiny Weekly Reset: Wretched Eye Nightfall, Vosik Challenge and More


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  • Destiny Weekly Reset: Wretched Eye Nightfall, Vosik Challenge and More

    The weekly reset has come and gone for Bungie’s Destiny, which means a familiar set of activities but with new modifiers attached and available to play. The Nightfall is The Wretched Eye and thankfully there’s no Arc or Void Burn this week. However, the modifiers include Epic, Brawler, Fresh Troops, Match Game and Exposure. That means reduced recovery (but more shields) and lots of enemies resistant to unmatched elemental damage.

    Click image for larger version

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    As for the SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist, you have Heroic, Void Burn, Small Arms and Fresh Troops. This isn’t all that bad for Voidwalkers and Nightstalkers but Arc Burn would have made the Zhalo Supercell incredibly fun for this week.

    This wee’s raid challenge for Rise of Iron’s Wrath of the Machine is Vosik. Completing the challenge has a chance to reward max Light level gear and weapons along with raid Ornaments (which can be broken down into Silver Dust). For more information on bounties and material exchange, head here.

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