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Quake Champions New Trailer Highlights The Character Nyx


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  • Quake Champions New Trailer Highlights The Character Nyx

    Quake Champions has received a brand new trailer today, one that highlights one of the characters that players can play as- Nyx. The trailer comes in at 53 seconds, and showcases and highlights her abilities, which are stealth focused.

    Click image for larger version

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    Nyx’s ability lets her ‘phase into another dimension,’ becoming totally invisible and impervious to any attack. She also insta-kills anyone occupying the spot that she chooses to phase back in. It sounds a bit overpowered, but without knowing the caveats associated with her, such as cooldown timers for her abilities, or even how the maps and other characters will be balanced, it’s hard to say.

    You’ll be able to decide for yourself, anyway- Nyx will be one of the characters who will be playable in the upcoming closed beta for the game. The final game is due to launch exclusively for PC later this year. Stay tuned for more information, and make sure to watch the trailer below.

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