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Insomniac Talks About Spider-Man’s Villain and Cast of Characters


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  • Insomniac Talks About Spider-Man’s Villain and Cast of Characters

    While people have been very, very excited about the upcoming Insomniac developed Spider-Man, one of the questions that has been on everyone’s minds is- what characters from the Spider-Man universe will we see? And for those who aren’t very familiar with the comics, another question has been- just who is this Martin Li, who seems to be the villain of the game?

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    Bryan Intihar, who’s working on the game as the creative director, talked at great length about the cast off characters we will see in the game during Spider-Man’s E3 Coliseum panel. And apparently, we’re going to be seeing a healthy mix of old, established well-known characters and newer characters that have been introduced more recently and may not be as well known. We got to see that in the gameplay trailer shown during Sony’s conference as well- we saw Wilson Fisk a.k.a. Kingpin and Miles Morales, while also seeing lesser-known characters such as Mister Negative and the police officer Spider-Man was speaking with.

    Marvel Games Studios’ Bill Rosemann was also present at the panel, and he talked about how Marvel want to use their video games to help develop some of their characters that may not be as well known as some of the others. As such, both Insomniac and Marvel are promising that PS4’s Spider-Man will work hard toward developing some of these characters.

    It definitely sounds promising, and it definitely looks like the game is going to be respecting the long and rich history of the Spider-Man mythos the way it should.

    Source: Gamingbolt
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