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Injustice 2 July Update Brings Numerous Character Fixes, Adds Restart Match Option


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  • Injustice 2 July Update Brings Numerous Character Fixes, Adds Restart Match Option

    NetherRealm’s Injustice 2 continues to receive monthly updates. The July update brings a few new features and tons of fixes, including character balance changes. Among the many new options added, there’s a Restart Match option in the pause menu for Multiverse. You can also use the Mark All As Seen option in the Customize Characters menu. This will help mark any new gear gained as “seen” so you won’t have to go into each category and highlight them.

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    Character changes are plentiful especially for Red Hood who was added in a new DLC. Red Hood’s Quick Shot Character Power and Shrapnel Blast Gear Ability can both be clashed now. Hammer Fury now also starts 1 frame later while Akimbo Blaze MeterBurn can recover 23 frames faster. For the full list of changes, check out the patch notes below.

    What are your thoughts on this latest update? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more information.

    General Gameplay Fixes
    • General offline & online stability improvements
    • Move list corrections
    • Forward and Backward dashes now require a more precise input when buffered
    • Setting Input Shortcuts Off in controller settings makes buffered special move checks in cancel windows, reversals, & wakeups have to be more precise
    • Bug fixes to lingering visual and sound effects related to some Multiverse Modifiers
    • Players now receive reduced experience bonuses when playing against an opponent of much lower levels.
    • Added Restart Match option to the pause menu in Multiverse where applicable.
    • Removed Event Select and Main Menu from the pause menu in the Endless event.
    • Added End Event Run option to pause menu in the Endless event which grants rewards as if you lost your current match.
    • Fixed bug that would cause the boss version of Brainiac to become unresponsive if Drone Summon attack was interrupted at a specific time.
    • Fixed several issues with resetting practice mode while using interactions
    • Adjusted misaligned bomb visual placements when done in certain situations (hit regions were not affected)
    • Fixed lingering visual effect errors on several interactions when they were interrupted or used in specific situations
    • Fixed an issue that caused some users to receive an excessive amount of Guild and Mother Box notifications at once
    • Users now have access to a Quick Open Next option after opening a Mother Box
    • Modifier descriptions are now shown before a Multiverse match where applicable
    • Multiverse Meta-Challenges are better highlighted
    • Added quick scroll buttons to the character list in the Customize Characters menu
    • Users can now Mark All As Seen in the Customize Characters menu to clear the ‘new’ indicator
    • Several projectile attacks have been changed to interact correctly with projectile affecting special moves (such as Captain Cold’s The Wall MeterBurn). These moves are:
    • Batman – Sky Grapple
    • Black Adam – Power of Aton Gear Ability
    • Captain Cold – Upward Cold Blast Gear Ability
    • Cyborg – Up Nova Blast MeterBurn
    • Deadshot – Bullet Barrage
    • Green Lantern – Air Battery Blast
    • Green Lantern – Air Oa’s Rocket Gear Ability
    • Red Hood – Air Akimbo Blaze MeterBurn
    Stage Specific Fixes
    • Bomb interactions now have 3 active frames (down from 5)
    • Atlantis – Statue jump interaction can only be performed as a cancel once per combo
    • Atlantis – Console slam interaction can only be performed once per combo
    • Arkham Asylum – Fixed visual problem when killing an opponent with the toilet interaction
    • Batcave – Fixed character facing issue when killing opponent with hanging light interaction
    • Batcave – Console slam interaction can only be performed once per combo
    • Batcave – Brother Eye interaction can only be performed once per combo and has increased damage scaling
    • Slaughter Swamp – reduced the range in which the truck Environmental Interaction can be used
    Character Specific Fixes
    • Atrocitus – Fixed a bug which allowed for Dex-Starr Character Power attacks to sometimes be used in situations where you were in a throw state
    • Atrocitus – additional damage added after Napalm Vomit attacks inside of a combo will now use the correct combo damage scaling. (This does not apply in Competitive / Tournament Mode)
    • Batman – Fixed a bug which allowed for the Mechanical Bats Character Power to sometimes be able to attack in situations where you were in a throw state
    • Batman – Pressing a button not bound to any attacks during Glide will no longer prevent further inputs
    • Black Adam – Fixed a bug which allowed for the Seth Strike Gear Ability to sometimes be able to attack in situations where you were in a throw state
    • Black Adam – Adjusted Air Boot Stomp ability to be able to cross up when an opponent was in the corner (This does not apply in competitive / Tournament Mode)
    • Black Canary – Fixed bug in which online match rollback could cause the Canary Cry audio effect to persist for the rest of the match
    • Black Canary – Canary Cry character power attacks no longer interacts with projectile affecting special moves
    • Brainiac – If a Beta Strike Character Power is active when a throw escape occurs, it is destroyed (This does not apply in Completive / Tournament Mode)
    • Captain Cold – No longer continues to gain Character Power meter if transitioned while holding Cyclotron Charge (This does not apply in Completive / Tournament Mode)
    • Cheetah – Fixed camera issue that could occur when an online rollback happens during Savage Ambush MeterBurn
    • Cheetah – After landing a jump attack during her Jungle Jump Gear Ability she can now combo into standing attacks
    • Cyborg – Fixed audio issue with Techno Tackle MeterBurn being interrupted
    • Cyborg – Fixed issue with Repair Circuit Gear Ability causing the Character Power UI to not display correct information if cancelled
    • Cyborg – Fixed a bug that prevented the Directed Arm Blaster Gear Ability from dropping from Mother Boxes
    • Cyborg – Fixed bugs with Target Acquired while under the effects of some Multiverse Modifiers
    • Darkseid – Adjusted Low Omega Beam’s hit region to collide more consistently
    • Darkseid – Fixed a bug which allowed for the Parademon Character Power to sometimes be able to attack in situations where you were in a throw state
    • Darkseid – Fixed bug where Explosive Demon could be summoned in the background if used immediately following a Background Bounce Interaction
    • Darkseid – Fixed bug causing a summoned Charging Parademon to perform Demon Charge attack in the wrong direction in certain circumstances
    • Dr Fate – Fixed a bug which allowed for the Final Judgement or Final Punishment to sometimes be able to attack in situations where you were in a throw state
    • Firestorm – Fixed bug where Firestorm’s character model could become invisible in certain circumstances during online modes
    • Flash – Fixed bug that would cause the Sonic Lift MeterBurn to sometimes miss if the first hit connected directly above Flash’s head
    • Flash – On Your Mark now requires a more precise input when buffered
    • Green Lantern – Battery Blast’s visual effects now always play correctly when on done from the right side
    • Harley Quinn – Fixed a bug with Hungry Hyenas Character Power which could cause only one hyena to appear when two have been summoned
    • Joker – Fixed a bug that prevented the Gasser Gear Ability from dropping from Mother Boxes
    • Poison Ivy – Fixed a loss of control issue when Thistle Hurt (Away+Medium, Down+Medium, Light+Hard/Throw) misses when an opponent tech rolls on the first frame possible after a large combo
    • Poison Ivy – Fixed a camera issue when Nightshade’s projectile interrupted Batman’s throw on Poison Ivy
    • Red Hood – Hammer Fury (Hard, Hard, Medium while Electric Hammers is active) starts up 1 frame later
    • Red Hood – Fixed bug that could sometimes cause Supermove to auto-correct after the cinematic
    • Red Hood – When Low Spin Parry is active Red Hood is now considered to be ducking
    • Red Hood – Quick Shot Character Power can now be clashed
    • Red Hood – Shrapnel Blast Gear Ability can now be clashed
    • Red Hood – Shrapnel Blast damage decreased to 6% base damage (from 10%)
    • Red Hood – Shrapnel Blast MeterBurn damage has increased to 10% base damage (from 6%)
    • Red Hood – Akimbo Blaze MeterBurn Gear Ability is now recovers 23 frames faster
    • Red Hood – Gutted MeterBurn Gear Ability is now +8 on hit (from -14)
    • Red Hood – Ground Mine and Ground Mine MeterBurn can now only be parried by low projectile parries, and not all projectile parries
    • Superman – Air Heat Vision follow up from Rising Grab is now a hard knockdown to prevent it from being punishable on hit in certain circumstances (This does not apply in Completive / Tournament Mode)
    • Swamp Thing – Fixed camera issue when Swamp Thing is interrupted during the startup of Sinking Slough Gear Ability with an Away + Hard attack
    • Wonder Woman – Fixed a bug could cause Down + Medium to have a misaligned hit region if done when right after an opponent has jumped over you or switched sides

    Source: Gamingbolt

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