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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Crates And Star Cards Detailed


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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2: Crates And Star Cards Detailed

    EA have posted an update on their official site in which they have given some interesting new details on new features in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2. Battlefront 2 will feature something known as “Star Cards”, which will be earned via unlockable crates in the game. A version of this new feature is active in the currently ongoing closed alpha as well.

    Click image for larger version

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    Star Cards will supposedly grant new abilities to characters and classes that can be applied across ability slots, and can be switched in and out on the fly. What’s more, it looks like these Star Cards will range widely in their abilities, from affecting movement to even granting players of your own team in the vicinity with new powers. “Take Darth Maul’s spin attack for example,” the update on EA’s site reads. “This powerful maneuver might be modified by specific Star Cards to travel further or move faster. Boba Fett players might employ a Star Card that extends his For the Hunt ability to reveal enemies not just in his own scanner, but to nearby allies as well.”

    EA have also confirmed that Star Cards won’t just be limited to heroes and troopers, but also hero ships and starfighters. In addition to obtaining these Star Cards through in-game crates, players will also gain these abilities by completing in-game challenges and quests. You can get the complete details through the link above. Star Wars Battlefront 2 launches later this year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Stay tuned for continued coverage.

    Source: Gamingbolt
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