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'Select' PS Vita apps hit the US PlayStation Store: Netflix, LiveTweet & more (video)


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  • Yakuza 0 Launching In North America and Europe on January 24
    Bald Bouncer
    Yakuza 0, the next entry in the Japanese crime sim series that was due for a localization, will be finally available for wester gamers to play come next year- Sega today confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that Yakuza 0 will be launching exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on January 24 next year- and unlike the localization of Yakuza 5, which saw only a digital release, this game will be available digitally and at retail.

    “If you’ve only heard some friends shout ‘Play Yakuza!’...
    Today, 08:37 AM
  • PS Plus August Lineup Headlined By Yakuza 5 and Patapon 3
    Bald Bouncer
    The August lineup for Sony’s PlayStation Plus service has been announced, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. PlayStation 3 owners will get the best deal, because they score themselves a free copy of Yakuza 5, Retro/Grade, and Ultratron- and I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about those last two games, but Yakuza 5 sounds like a great deal, so I can’t complain.

    PS Vita owners, meanwhile, get themselves a free copy of Patapon 3, which is one of the best games available for the PSP,...
    Today, 08:31 AM
  • No Man’s Sky Latest Trailer Challenges You To Survive
    Bald Bouncer
    The newest trailer for Hello Games’ ambitious space sim No Man’s Sky – and the last one in a series of trailers each showing off one of the four facets that make up the core gameplay loop of the game – is now out, and this one showcases the survival component in the game.

    The trailer is short, but it is replete with gameplay footage, and we get to see a lot of different kinds of planets in it if nothing else- seriously, if this is indicative of the kind of diversity we can expect...
    Today, 08:03 AM
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Pre-Order Offers Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Free
    Bald Bouncer
    Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration comes with a smattering of different content for PS4 users. Along with the base game, all the released Season Pass content, various Lara Croft character models to play as, a new co-op mode and a new campaign mission (the new stuff will be available to Xbox One and PC Season Pass holders as well), there will be exclusive support for PlayStation VR.

    If that’s not enough, then Square Enix has announced that those who pre-order Rise...
    Yesterday, 12:51 PM
  • PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.0 Beta Registration Now Open
    Bald Bouncer
    Sony switching to a beta testing model for their major firmware has had multiple benefits- for starters, it has ensured that we will never again run into the kinds of rollout problems that we did with the very first major firmware update that Sony released for the PlayStation 4; and it means that we always know when the next major firmware update is coming.

    Which is what has happened now that Sony have opened registration for beta testing of PS4 firmware update 4.0. You can register...
    Yesterday, 09:50 AM
  • Headlander Review: A Mind Blowing Experience!
    Bald Bouncer
    What the hell is this?” is what I asked myself for the first half-hour I sat down to play Double Fine Productions’ newest game: Headlander. And seriously, what can I say about it? There are few moments in time when a game comes out of no where and gives a me a surprise I was never expecting and Headlander is one of those moments. From the first moment of sitting down to the very end there was never a moment I didn’t enjoy the entire experience from top to bottom.

    Headlander is...
    26-07-2016, 10:59 AM

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  • 'Select' PS Vita apps hit the US PlayStation Store: Netflix, LiveTweet & more (video)

    Did you just brave the lines of a midnight launch party and snag yourself a PS Vita in the US? Good news ye early adopters, Sony's PlayStation.Blog.US has just announced that select free apps will be available as part of today's PlayStation Store update. Currently, you'll find Netflix, LiveTweet and Flickr, but there's still nary of trace of Facebook or Foursquare among the bunch (nor any official word on release dates for that matter). We gave each app a download and quick spin prior to them being officially listed without much in the way of hiccups -- however, Netflix does take its sweet time to start-up. Disappointingly, Vita's 20MB cap on 3G data is totally in effect on Netflix, as switching to our cellular connection denied us any access to the service. We're giving the apps some extended use to bring you our initial impressions shortly, but for now, you'll find more info at the source link below.

    Update: We've added a brief video hands-on just past the break to let you grab a taste of each app before downloading them for yourself.


    Source: PlayStation.Blog (US)
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