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'Select' PS Vita apps hit the US PlayStation Store: Netflix, LiveTweet & more (video)

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  • Sony ups loss forecast to $2 billion following smartphone struggles
    Bald Bouncer
    Sony is now forecasting a 230 billion yen ($2.15 billion) loss for the fiscal year ending in March 2015, a revision nearly five times more than the company previously projected. The Japanese electronics giant was expecting a 50 billion yen loss, but today it announced it's downgrading the value of its mobiles business by 180 billion yen ($1.68 billion) following an internal review. Sony began the review in July after cutting forecast smartphone sales by 14 percent following a sluggish opening quarter....
    Yesterday, 12:50 PM
  • First Bloodborne alpha invites roll out to Europe
    Bald Bouncer
    Alpha testing invites for Bloodborne are now appearing in select email inboxes. Joystiq's own Sinan Kubba received an invite to the "small-scale test," which features early access to the game and "a sample of its online features," according to the email. Those that would like to take part in the testing phase for From Software's next sort-of-like-Dark Souls game can apply on the PSN Beta page. The trial is for European players only, as invites are granted at SCEE's discretion....
    Yesterday, 12:42 PM
  • SingStar: Ultimate Party takes the stage in Europe next month
    Bald Bouncer
    Sony's decade-spanning karaoke game SingStar: Ultimate Party will debut in Europe next month for the PlayStation 3 and PS4, director Chris Bruce revealed today. In a first for the series, SingStar: Ultimate Party lets players use their smartphone's mic to sing in-game songs, though the game still features support for dedicated microphone peripherals. SingStar Ultimate Party's 30-song tracklist includes modern classics like Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and TLC's "No...
    Yesterday, 12:34 PM
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall drops three new multiplayer maps
    Bald Bouncer
    Sony dished out three free maps for Killzone: Shadow Fall today, the publisher's FPS that launched with the PS4 last November. One of the maps is The Statue, a competitive affair that takes place at a Scolar Visari memorial statue surrounded by scaffolding. A trailer for The Statue map can be found after the break.

    The other two maps, The ATAC Tower and The Canal, feature cooperative multiplayer action. Players that want to check out those two levels must also own Killzone:...
    Yesterday, 12:24 PM
  • Free Gran Turismo 6 Update Adds Cars, Tracks And Modes
    Bald Bouncer
    Update 1.12 can be downloaded now and adds new cars, race tracks and new game modes to the racer. On the new car front, the Toyota FT-1 Vision, pictured above, can be earned by completing just one lap (regardless of lap time) in the new limited time FT-1 Seasonal Event. The Nissan GT-R NISMO, on the other hand, is the ultimate articulation of the R35 GT-R will be given for free to anyone who participated in this year's GT Academy online event. You can check it out below.

    16-09-2014, 12:57 PM
  • Driveclub additional to regular PS Plus allocation, says Sony EU
    Bald Bouncer
    PlayStation Plus members are getting the service's edition of Driveclub on top of next month's regular number of games, according to Sony Europe. That means the PS4 racer's lite edition is effectively a bonus for Plus subscribers, who can download and play it as well as the two PS4, two PS3 and two Vita freebies due monthly in the Instant Game Collection. The confirmation comes from Sony Europe's Fred Dutton on the region's PlayStation Blog, so we've reached out to Sony America to confirm the same...
    15-09-2014, 01:34 PM

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  • 'Select' PS Vita apps hit the US PlayStation Store: Netflix, LiveTweet & more (video)

    Did you just brave the lines of a midnight launch party and snag yourself a PS Vita in the US? Good news ye early adopters, Sony's PlayStation.Blog.US has just announced that select free apps will be available as part of today's PlayStation Store update. Currently, you'll find Netflix, LiveTweet and Flickr, but there's still nary of trace of Facebook or Foursquare among the bunch (nor any official word on release dates for that matter). We gave each app a download and quick spin prior to them being officially listed without much in the way of hiccups -- however, Netflix does take its sweet time to start-up. Disappointingly, Vita's 20MB cap on 3G data is totally in effect on Netflix, as switching to our cellular connection denied us any access to the service. We're giving the apps some extended use to bring you our initial impressions shortly, but for now, you'll find more info at the source link below.

    Update: We've added a brief video hands-on just past the break to let you grab a taste of each app before downloading them for yourself.


    Source: PlayStation.Blog (US)
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