Paragon Update Brings New Loot Crate Options, Game Balance Adjustments -


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Paragon Update Brings New Loot Crate Options, Game Balance Adjustments


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  • Paragon Update Brings New Loot Crate Options, Game Balance Adjustments

    Epic Games has released another update for its hero shooter/MOBA Paragon. Update v.38.5 for the game introduces a fair few new variations for Loot Crates, as well as adjustments to game balance. That apart, new skins, as well as your standard fixes and tweaks to UI and all, are also part and parcel of this new patch.

    Click image for larger version

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    You can check out the full list of updates below- but if you’re an ardent player of the game, a lot of this should hopefully not be much of a surprise, given just how engaged Epic is in a dialog with its community. At this point, you should have known these changes are coming.

    Paragon is available on PS4 and PC.


    Weekly Card Pack
    • Overflowing Gifts
    • Bubble Tap
    • Necroveil

    • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • “Proceed” emote now plays the correct audio.
    • Heresy
    • Reduced duration to 15s from 18s
    • Health per level reduced to 71.1 from 76.8
    • Attack speed per level reduced to 1.4 from 2.2
    • Quelling Gale
    • Reduced slow to 250/300/350 from 350/400/450
    • Health per level reduced to 67.2 from 70.4
    • Loot Crate Update
    • New Skin Variations added:
    • Rare
    • Jungle Zechin Huntress Sparrow
    • Cobalt Zechin Huntress Sparrow
    • Common
    • Onyx Default Lt. Belica
    • Military Default Lt. Belica
    • Gunmetal Polar Strike Lt. Belica
    • Marine Polar Strike Lt. Belica
    • Ichor Biohazard Lt. Belica
    • Neon Biohazard Lt. Belica
    • Tropical Tribal Vibe Narbash
    • Onyx Tribal Vibe Narbash
    • Cobalt Default Sparrow
    • Tropic Default Sparrow
    • Removed Skins
    • Common
    • Polar Strike Lt. Belica
    • Biohazard Lt. Belica

    Source: Gamingbolt

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