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    can some one point me in the right direction,i have read 4 page's and i still can't see the wood for the trees,i installed xecuter chip everything fires up original discs work,now try to load evolutionx in xbox and comes up with something like dirty disc or can't read disc,evolutionx disc came with mod chip,i would like to know is it still possible i might not have installed xecuter properly,or is my problem elsewhere,if some one can point me inthe right direction it would be appreciated

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    If your Modded Xbox is booting fine, then it's working! Sound like you having trouble writing the EvoX disc that the Xbox will like. There are two ways of installing EvoX:

    1: Find a CDRW media that Xbox will read, and write at low speeds.
    2: Replace the Xbox drive with a PC Dvd-rom, and boot the EvoX Cd from that drive.

    I've gone for the latter, works everytime for me, I can't be arse to go about looking for the right CD media to write. There are other threads that go into which brands are best to buy and write.

    Hope this helps, ja ne...


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      dvd reader

      thank's for reply mankong,have not tried back up discs yet only originals which work no problem,ok will try dvd reader and see if that helps,the only problem is the disc that i bought will not read in my pc dvd reader i thought at least i should be able to read the contents on the disc but it comes up with nothing in drive or corrupt ,will focus my attention on dvd reader and evolution thanks again


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        here is a TIP......I once was a newbie too....and had the same problem.......and this is what I did.....
        First....CREATE THE ISO( Use GDFIMAGE, XISO...etc....)
        Burn with NERO
        Media: Memorex CD-RW 4X
        Select Options DISK AT ONCE(DAO) and CLOSE SESSION

        I Hope it helps


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          The discs that you make for the Xbox can't be read through the normal PC drives because of the data blocks. So only Xbox made discs will only be read in the Xbox. And PC data discs will can be read on the PC. eg. if you make a PC disc with some DivX files on it, you won't be able to play it on the Xbox. Well that's been my experience... i can be wrong.

          Ja ne...


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            You can see the contents of the disk wint Xiso!!!!!!
            so you can make sure that the disk is OK....


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              right latest episode on how not to mod your xbox ,joking aside went to change my dvd drive to see if i could get evolutionx to fire up and i noticed the single wire was off completely so soldered it back on then decided to put meter back on earth bolt and on to fifth leg of chip got no reading so soldered everything again and bingo xbox fired up ,so now i'm stuck with 7 options on evolutionx so its back to the drawing board,so thanks again for help and speedy reply's from all