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A Prediction For The Future Of Games Sales

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  • A Prediction For The Future Of Games Sales


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    Greed is a terrible thing.

    The games industry are already in the same league as the movie industry for revenue streams. They really should be satisfied with the obscene profits they are already making.

    I would feel "scammed" if this becomes reality and that is the furthest point from customer satisfaction. Scamming paying customers is not acceptable, although they will inevitably call it "marketing strategy".

    The key to all this is to refuse to play along. If people could get together and refuse to accept this, then it would die off as a business model. Maybe gamers could get together and form a kind of gamers union, because at the end of the day we, the gamers have the money, so we hold the power. Will we choose to use this power? I doubt it.

    It may be true that video gaming is addictive but for the games industry to act like drug dealers is totally unacceptable.

    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken


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      I think the reason for this is they have bloated the industry so much they have to keep increasing revenue to support the high level of expectation from shareholders and at the same time maintain the ridiculously high salaries of directors etc, they have been promoting their propaganda for years around the world about how much damage is caused to the industry through piracy while in private realise this actually has a very nominal effect if not no effect at all on their revenue as the money they claim they lose does not exist, pirates do not buy a game because they can't get a pirate copy they just don't or can't afford to buy it and if their is any loss it is offset by the promotion of these pirates of their games or films encouraging others to buy or watch retail versions.

      This is why they have decided to go to steal a known revenue source with identifiable profits and as much as they have said we are trying to protect the industry I don't think this is really a consideration at all as moving the revenue from second hand and trade in games from high street shops to multi national billion dollar earning companies will do nothing but harm to the high street shops but do you really think they care about anything else other than profit.