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Important - Section Rules

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  • Important - Section Rules

    Who can sell....?
    • Members who are new or not well known on the forums will not be allowed to sell. Normally people with over 20 posts (previous forum posts count), membership over a year or if they are known to the moderators should be ok although this is down to moderator discretion so please contact a member of staff before placing you add to avoid deletion.
    How to post....?

    Make sure all threads are marked with one of the following icons:

    All members including new members are allowed to buy or start posts with: and its upto the seller if they wish to trade with them.

    Give a good description, including the item condition and if possible include photos.

    You must provide a price and include P&P costs, no 'make me an offer' or 'starting price' sales, if you want an auction go to Ebay.

    What CAN NOT be sold....?

    Prohibited Items:
    • Chipped Consoles/Flashed/Modified
    • N T L / Sky Viewing Cards and/or equipment that remains their property.
    • Pirate software & or a description indicating the software included is not original.
    • Use common sense, if in doubt, please do not post - PM a Mod/Admin for clarification.
    • When making posts/threads in the BST section, please refrain from listing FAKE/NON AUTHENTIC goods/products.
    • All descriptions in posts must either contain the words Authentic/Genuine or abstain from making statements as to their origin.
    Rules for Posting....?
    • If you want to ask the thread starter a question with regards the Authenticity of an advertised item, do so via PM ONLY.
    • This is not a place for professional traders, multiples of the same item may not be sold unless permission is requested and given before hand, this is a forum for members to shift/swap or request goods. Do not flood the forum with multiple selling/wanted/swap threads, keep it sensible.
    • You must state if you are advertising your items elsewhere, and if it is being put on ebay - do not post in the BST forum.
    • If you wish to modify an earlier offer that has not been acknowledged - either to increase or reduce it - post again. Do not edit an earlier post.
    • All deals/offers must remain on the thread, please keep all offers on the board. All other details can be negotiated by PM or e-mail.
    • Please allow members 24 hours to read the thread if they are involved in a deal, before opening it to other members.
    • Do not spoil other members threads, however If you are interested in the item for sale, you may link to a website offering a lower price.
    • When using this forum please be aware that any transaction made in the Rheena Forums trading sections are at your own risk.
    • Ask for references if you're not sure about the buyer/seller, and make sure you get some kind of contact address or telephone number
    • The first person to offer the asking price for an item should get the item.