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  • bad order dispatching

    Ordered a executor 2.6 from baldbouncer, no reply to emails no contact number, no delivery after 3 days, cant really say anymore about this site.

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    Oh I dunno.
    You could always say that although it's christmas and mail is taking longer (as it always does at this time of year) you thought you'd sign up to this forum and whine that you expect your stuff to get through on time whilst everyone else in the UK experiences the usual delays.


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      oh sorry, thought that a moan and groan forum was for people who wanted to moan and groan about things they werent happy with!!! dumbass.
      I am cheesed off that I dont get any response from the baldbouncer website, i.e no after sales service. If you ordered something on a guaranteed next day delivery, and you never got it after 3 days, and you couldnt get an answer wouldnt you moan? but thanks for the reply, its good to talk....


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        It is good to talk.
        And whilst we are on about all things good and nice ... Patience is a virtue.

        This is a room to moan about things but were you expecting no reply?
        Just wanted to practice your typing with no expectation of a little kindly human interaction?
        Please let me know and I'll grant your wishes (just call me The Christmas Fairy).
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          Dude im sure that the baldbouncer will sort your problem out ,you may have to submit a support ticket,and you will get a response,as chippi mentioned businesses no matter who or what they sell,get very busy this time of year,the baldbouncer has the best service and after sales service in the business,please make a few allowances for the season of good will to all men


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            oakley doakley neighbour, that'll ding dang do for me.


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              I will reply with a moan and groan of my own:
              Email Auto Reply Message:
              This Is An Automated Response
              The email address you have sent your message to does not accept questions as
              it is the personal email address of the web site owner and for personal
              There is a support ticket system on the site for questions please use this
              and your question will be answered as soon as possible.
              Please Note: A lot of questions are already answered in the Diagrams & Help
              and on my support forums so please refer to these areas
              before entering a support question.
              Thank You

              All The Best Bald Bouncer
              Clear answer to question:

              How Long Will It Take For The Payment To Reach You & My Order To Dispatch?
              The transaction normally takes 3-4 full working days to arrive, our account is with HSBC so online transactions from another HSBC account normally clear within an hour, once the payment has cleared your goods dispatch that same day if the payment clears before 1.30pm Monday To Friday (excluding public holidays)
              Your transation has not yet arrived so the order is not yet processing, please as suggested use support ticket system on the site for questions as I am sure anyone will tell you most questions get answered within a couple of hours.
              I will just add another reason I don't give email support is because email is becoming more unreliable and with ISP's like AOL it's almost impossible to get an email to them.


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                okey dokey bigbad bald bouncer, i wait with baited breath, must admit wanting to sort xbox out before xmas day so alittle impatient. cheers big ears!!!


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                  I would guess that your payment should come through Monday morning as they dont process non HSBC payments at weekends but I update before 1.30pm on monday to ensure all paid orders go out.