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  • here is my complaints

    Why do some games come out on every systems except one! Its like there picking on each other! But seriiously I do understand there is legal BS going on but my questions is how can i play a game that was just for the ps2 on and xbox I have a dvd burner and own a copy of this game which is Re4 which I wanna play desperatly but my ps2 was stolen by my younger brother! So is there any way i can play this game on my xbox? Please help

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    Buy an Xbox.


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      Chipito dont u mean buy a PS2??
      Funny thread....



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        He coluld buy a PS2 if he wants to play on kiddie machiines his whole life.
        But we all have to grow up sometime.


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          Now now 800.....
          We don't advocate going round to his brothers and smashing his face in with a 2" x 4" and then slashing him with a cut throat razer to teach him that stealing is wrong.
          Don't forget it's The Lords Day.


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            You can't play RE4 on the Xbox. The performance of any PS2 emulator on the Xbox would be almost as bad as that of an actual PS2. It is sad that RE4 didn't come out on the Xbox, but exclusivity licences are pretty much the norm these days, where a company, say Sony, pay a game studio, say RockStar, a large fee to release a game, say every GTA game, on their format only, for a limited time, thereby increasing Sony's sales to the detrement of other formats. Having said that, Capcom sold the original exclusivity licence for RE4 to Nintendo, and the Gamecube's version is far superior to that of the PS2's, but it seemed a little pointless, as for obvious reasons, the Gamecube version didn't sell very well, but Capcom still got a nice fat fee from Nintendo anyway.
            RE4 is coming out for the PC if that helps, but the first RE game you will see with the word Xbox on the cover will be RE5 on the 360. That is ofcourse unless Capcom change their minds.

            While you wait, you could perhaps take an English language course.
            Art in Heaven. As seen on Channel 4 (thrice), and the Birmingham Evening Mail.


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              He is in jail right this second and I cant get it back because I have no idea where it is! Oh well ill just get another one! Another question I had was when i use my DVD burner the DVD's play in everything but my XBOX! My box is unmodded though so. I was just wondering if it was something to do with how the disc was burnt or if it was the xbox it works in a PS2!


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                Methinks you are taking the piss.
                Mod the Xbox and then ask why disks can't be read.

                Looks like the whole family are a few cartoons short of a jihad !!


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                  He's American. Need I say more?
                  Art in Heaven. As seen on Channel 4 (thrice), and the Birmingham Evening Mail.