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  • Got a Cold

    Well - its in the moans and groans.

    To day I have a cold - I have just about got the sack from work - mind u its not that bad coz I have got a new job to go to.

    Xbox is not streaming Divx like it should (jerking), and the kidz are a pain in the rectum.

    Still the Imac is working ok, and the cat is using the litter tray insted of the house.
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    lol - good guess of mine on the shoutbox then! lol

    Imac? isn't that the cream for doin ya legs? as for the streaming issue, it is quite likely an issue with the PC.

    How is your network setup? wired/wireless?
    Also check your PC task manager for any unwanted applications that could be causing the streamin a problem. Virus and spyware the bugger to.
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      An Imac is one of those Fischer Price 'Just like dads!' learning toys. You wind the handle on the side, and pictures of cows and the like scroll across the "screen" to the sound of jingly jangly music. Kids lovem!
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        That would explain the jerkiness.
        Perhaps the spring has gone after winding it too hard.


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          Nice pic chipito im sure they will catch you with that lol