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Xbox Dvd Drive?

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  • Xbox Dvd Drive?

    Im having trouble with my xbox... it will read music cds but not the xbox games....

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    Are you sure it's not a Playstation?
    Art in Heaven. As seen on Channel 4 (thrice), and the Birmingham Evening Mail.


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      what kind of question is that...


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        It's called humour. Perhaps you need a sense of it.
        Art in Heaven. As seen on Channel 4 (thrice), and the Birmingham Evening Mail.


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          i have heard of "humor" but right now im too mad to even laugh about it.


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            Originally posted by zer0mavrick
            i have heard of "humor" ...
            You heard wrong then matey.
            It's spelt humour.
            Only them there damn filthy oil grabbing freedom oppressing yanks spell it without the second "u"

            p.s. your lasers shagged.
            You could try tweaking the potentiometer or just replacing the whole DVD drive.
            Should cost about £30.
            Not sure how much that is in US shekels.
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              Wow, way to stereotype there. Perhaps you would fit right in with all us "damn filthy oil grabbing freedom oppressing yanks."


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                Some folks just go looking for trouble, don't they ....

                Be a good lad and put the rattle back in the cot.


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                  Not attempting to look for trouble. I fail to see how defending one's self from generaliztion is anything of that sort. Man this is unfair. Hey clogger, revoke my status if you want. I got here and asked for help with a problem, which if I'm not mistaken is what this site is for, right? And after days of no response I moaned and groaned about it, and still got a wry response about the thing I wasn't really concerned about (btw, you writing "behave yourself pointed me nowhere, since I hadn't the slightest idea of what you were referring to. its when I was reading thru several other posts trying to find the answer to my question since nobody was helping me that i found out about the filesharing rule.) I'm not sorry I'm American, I'm not sorry that I voiced my displeasure about the fact that I can't even pay for a response to my quiries, but I do wish that people could be more concerned about others than always being right. Chastise me how you will. I know that I will get no help here. Despite all this, I bid you a good day, and continued success on this (normally) competant and successful site. Adieu.


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                    Bye bye little fella.


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                      Well it's goodbye from me and goodbye from him.

                      Always amuses me greatly when people blatently break the rules and then p!ss and moan when they get a very mild warning, instead of the possible alternative ....... some people just refuse to be helped.
                      I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken