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Lack of documentation or manual for X3 CE...

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  • Lack of documentation or manual for X3 CE...

    ...that is my current bane! DAMN! Why the f*ck can they not put together a simple little manual of all the features and functionality......

    And what I'm talking about is pointed to the hot button combinations you can do on your controller to perform certain actions! I know of 3 of them that I found by accident while investigating a seperate issue:

    Number 1:
    Press and hold the white button while x-box is starting up.
    This will force your x-box to launch the X3 Config Menu (what you saw BEFORE you installed a dashboard). This is especially useful when you set X3 Config to auto launch the dashboard! Otherwise, you could NEVER get to the X3 config screen (without even more pain)!
    Number 2:
    Hold down the X+Y+A+B keys and something else i think...can't remember know
    Resets the X3 Config settings back to factory default.
    Number 3:
    Press and hold either the LEFT TRIGGER or the RIGHT TRIGGER once again...can't remember
    Activates the Quick Launch feature. You have to set the launch program up in the X3 Config menu before you can use this. Might be useful if you wanted to set a default dashboard (like UnleashX) and then set the Quick Launch to XBMC or the like.
    So...I KNOW there are features...but I had to figure out these on my own. No official or unofficial guide stating these. I had to glean them from the hundreds of posts that I've read on the subject while trying to mod my x-box. What a disappointment!

    And know...I've stumbled upon a 4th combinations! While I was playing a game off of my HDD...I was getting frustrated and started pressing lots of buttons. All of the sudden my dashboard appeared! I launched another game and tried to figure it out...

    After trying to systematically determine what I had done...I started mashing buttons again...and AGAIN I was brought back to the dash!

    Coincedence...... I think NOT! Any bloke that can tell me what this 4th combination is will have my undying love and devotion...for about 2 hours!

    Anyway...I feel better now. Cheers!
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    I FIGURED OUT what the 4th hot button combination is that will exit out of a game/app you are in and load the dashboard:
    press the <BLACK>+<RIGHT TRIGGER>+<LEFT TRIGGER>+<BACK> buttons
    Damn I'm good!


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      I believe a chimp would attempt the same scientific solution of pressing all buttons in frustration.

      Perhaps the ratio of human/chimp DNA is a little stronger in your family tree.
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        yeah i think so too. i find it hard to get anywhere with manuals these days