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  • Failed X2.6CE and returns proceedure...

    Hi all,

    Don't really know who to speak to, or what to do really,......

    Its been a while since I've last spoken on the forums.. I think I got blasted by Chipito because I missed the 'o' out of xbox, which for the record was entirely NOT my fault!! It was taken in jest, as I've laughed at many other posts, where he's stood in as our english teacher...

    So I'm going to make up for it with this post..

    Anyway, I got an Xecuter 2.6CE from mrmodchips, in late october 2006.. installed in a guys xbox, all fine... Then I get a call from him, between christmas/new year, saying it would boot and it was FRAGing.

    He brings the xbox over, I check the install, all ok, I swap chips with my console and the fault follows the chip. I didn't have any spare's so I let him take mine and so far its been working ok.. I figured its just a flash issue, so plug it in my programmer and x2bm.exe, which reported, when clicking the info icon in 'Xecuter 2 Options': Attempt to detect Xecuter 2 failed. Return value retrieved: 0x1010"

    Anyway.. I raised a ticket on mrmodchips, explaining all the above and the response that was added was: "You need to check that the install is correct on the Xbox and that all external wires etc are not trapped and shorting" and the ticket was closed... Charming!!...

    I had a *REALLY* bad day and when I read this, I was a bit miffed, so I re-raised a ticket saying; "Hi, if you'd read what I had said... I tried the chip in my xbox and it doesn't work. My working chip works 100% in the other box, proving the install to be correct. Can you advise next course of action/returns proceedure?"

    That was then closed with the message: "ANd you should read what we typed.
    The onyl way a modchip can fail in use is by external forces which may not be immediately apparant as the failure has taken over a month to appear

    The item is no longer under any warranty."

    Nice customer services...

    I've never had a chip that has failed totally.. Maybe only a couple of bad flashes, but they been cured by sticking them on the programmer...

    So, after 100+ installs, and a fair few purchases from mrmodchips, thats it... I've had a few really bad days, just lately, and its probably rubbing off on my attitude, but does anybody else think that, that was a bit harsh..?

    It'll be good to what other people have to say about it..


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    Originally posted by Tuneap View Post
    ...Its been a while since I've last spoken on the forums.. I think I got blasted by Chipito because I missed the 'o' out of xbox, which for the record was entirely NOT my fault ...
    It must be comforting to know that in this ever changing world, there are a few constants by which we measure change.
    I am such a constant.

    Strangely though, sometimes people miss off the second consonant.


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      have you tried the latest version of x2bm? and are you sure you programmer is ok?

      It does appear a little harsh but really in all fairness how long a warranty did you expect?
      if you do get stuck i would certainly offer to check it out for you.(the chip that is)
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        Also might help to go over the solder points on the chip with a soldering iron starting with the back of the pin header as there may be a dry joint.


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          Cheers to chipito, ps-sed off and bald bouncer for your input.. I've checked the programmer, that's all working fine with another chip, I've yet to go over the chip for dry joints, but will give it a going over once I get a spare moment..

          I also checked out the sites T's & C's and found that modchips carry a 14 day warranty... I wish I'd been pointed at that, it wouldn't have wound me up as much!... Oh well sh!t happens (intended spelling mistake Chipito!!)..

          Thanks all...


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            products carry a 12 month warranty by law, however depending upon the bios flashed to the chip - has most likely voided your warranty... it is a risk u take for the possible rewards.
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