Anonymous is gearing up to shut down Sony 'again' -


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Anonymous is gearing up to shut down Sony 'again'

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  • Anonymous is gearing up to shut down Sony 'again'

    The amorphous hacker collective known as "Anonymous" (or entities claiming to be, as it were) has once more announced its intentions to attack electronics manufacturer "Sony Company and Associates." Unlike the previous attack, which crippled Sony's PlayStation Network service during several months in the first half of 2011 and for which the group is suspected of involvement, this time the group pins its reasoning to Sony's support of the Stop Online Piracy Act ("SOPA"). In a video missive uploaded to YouTube, the group declares its intentions to "destroy your network," presumably referencing the aforementioned PlayStation Network employed by Sony's game consoles. It also names several famous targets it plans on going after, from Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift. Hasn't Taylor Swift been through enough, folks?

    No timing is given for the purported attack, but we're putting our money on "pretty soon," if at all. Curiously, Anonymous only picks Sony for its scorn, though a variety of other companies across the game industry (including Sony's main competition, Nintendo and Microsoft) have signed on in support of SOPA. Joystiq, as you might imagine, has not, and neither has our parent company.