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  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Gets Brand New Gameplay Trailer
    Bald Bouncer
    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, the upcoming, eagerly anticipated, long awaited fourth instalment in Capcom’s beloved crossover fighting game franchise, is set for release later this year. And Capcom has decided to share a brand new trailer for the game, showcasing some gameplay, as well as some new characters, duking it out in the arena.

    Among the many other new characters shown in this trailer are Ultron, Chun-Li, Hulk, Strider Hiryu, Thor, Chris Redfield, and Hawkeye- making for...
    Today, 12:02 AM
  • God of War’s Story Will Take Place Well Before The First Vikings
    Bald Bouncer
    The new God of War game looks to be intriguing, and a breath of fresh air for fans of the franchise- and a lot of that has to do with the new, Norse mythology inspired setting. And speaking on Twitter, director Cory Barlog (who is also responsible for delivering God of War 2, the best game in the franchise so far), clarified the setting and story of the game a bit more.

    “Our story takes place in a time well before the first Vikings so I don’t see them appearing,” he said, in...
    Yesterday, 11:56 PM
  • Tales from the Borderlands Headlines Sony’s PS Plus Offerings For The Month Of May
    Bald Bouncer
    Sony’s PS Plus offerings for the month of May have been announced, and it seems like they’re going to be fairly satisfying all around. PS4 owners will get the indie game Abzu, which is hugely divisive in the community (albeit with those who love it really loving it), as well as Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands. Tales from the Borderlands was their excellent story set in the world of Gearbox’s franchise, and is widely regarded as their best game yet- so it should be a good chance for...
    Yesterday, 11:49 PM
  • Call of Duty: WWII Squadmates Have “Certain Attributes” Like Ammo Sharing
    Bald Bouncer
    Yesterday following the reveal of Call of Duty: WWII, Sledgehammer Games surprised us by announcing that health regen and ammo refilling would not be included. This was done to maintain that authenticity and reinforce that the player isn’t some kind of “superhero”.

    You won’t be completely handicapped though. According to Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey in an interview with GamesRadar+, your squadmates in the campaign will different “attributes” that you can rely on....
    Yesterday, 11:43 PM
  • New Images Show How 4K Xbox Scorpio Games Will Look On 1080p TVs
    Bald Bouncer
    While the Xbox Scorpio’s selling point will be its compatibility with, and ability to fully output natively for, 4K TVs, it will still run on 1080p TVs, and Microsoft has indicated that even 1080p TV owners will see a difference in image quality while playing on the Scorpio.

    Windows Central has obtained a series of images that show the extent of these improvements that will be apparent even on traditional HDTV panels. Apparently, there will be a lot of enhanced and improved clarity,...
    Yesterday, 11:36 PM
  • Phil Spencer Teases Microsoft’s E3 Games Line-up
    Bald Bouncer
    For Microsoft, this E3 is important - Sony is the strongest it has ever been, and Nintendo is resurgent. This means that what was initially a single front war is now a two front one for them. So of course, they need to have something meaningful planned for E3, right?

    Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, was asked about Microsoft’s E3 plans during an interview with Xbox On, and he shared some thoughts on what to look forward to.

    ‘I think the game lineup this year across...
    Yesterday, 11:29 PM

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  • The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 4 Releasing on April 25th

    The journey for survival continues on April 25th as Telltale Games has announced that episode 4 of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, titled “Thicker Than Water” will be releasing then. The developer also noted that a new trailer for the episode would be available later doay.

    Technically the third season in Telltale’s The Walking Dead saga (not counting the mini-series featuring Michonne), A New Frontier takes place several years after Season Two. Clementine has grown up,...
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  • Destiny Hotfix Available at 10 AM PDT Today

    Destiny Hotfix Available at 10 AM PDT Today

    Bungie’s latest hotfix for Destiny will be going live today at 10 AM PDT. Hotfix will fix a few issues that have cropped up since the Age of Triumph update dropped. One of those is for a bug that caused Trials of Osiris matches to go on and on. Those who have seen numerous notifications will also see a fix for the same. As such, Bungie is pretty much cruising along for the first game while Destiny 2 demands the lion’s share of developer resources. We already know that the first gameplay...
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  • Prey Dev Diary Showcases The Glory of Talos I

    Prey Dev Diary Showcases The Glory of Talos I

    Arkane Studios’ Prey is the first big release of May and there’s quite a bit that’s still mysterious about it. From the shape-shifting Typhon to Morgan Yu’s mysterious origins, things aren’t as cut and dry on Talos I as you’d think.

    The station itself provides a bit of mystery as well. In a new developer diary, Arkane Studios provides a sort of tour for the station. The origins of the Typhon’s assault are briefly touched upon as we scientists caught up in the attack. Areas...
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  • Quake Champions New Trailer Introduces New Character Galena

    The newest trailer for Bethesda and id Software’s Quake Champions, their free to play, multiplayer only hero arena shooter reboot of the classic franchise, is here, and it introduces another character from the game’s roster that you will be playing as- Galena, a paladin style character.

    The trailer clocks in at under a minute, and introduces the character and her abilities via an overview. Galena’s strong healing abilities (in addition to her offensive capability) may make...
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  • Ready At Dawn’s Deformers Launch Trailer Keeps Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

    Ready At Dawn, who released the underwhelming The Order: 1886 for PS4 in February 2015, are back with their newest release Deformers. The multiplatform game is being published by GameTrust (part of the GameStop banner) and will arrive on April 21st for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can check out the launch trailer below and marvel at all the rolling.

    It isn’t all about rolling from point A to point B though. Deformers is actually a third person party title that sees players competing...
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  • SNES Classic Planned for Christmas 2017 Launch – Rumour

    Though Nintendo announced that the NES Classic Edition would have its last range of shipments this month, it apparently has something else coming for nostalgia fans. According to source that spoke to Eurogamer, the SNES Classic is already in development and will be out by Christmas 2017.

    As per the site, the development of the SNES Classic is the biggest reasons why the NES Classic is going out of production. Nintendo has not offered a public statement to this report.
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  • For Honor Update 1.05 Now Available on Xbox One and PS4

    After releasing for PC not too long ago, the latest update of Ubisoft’s For Honor is now available on Xbox One and PS4. The update is pretty extensive. Along with nerfing the Peacekeeper and Conqueror, there have been numerous buffs for Kensei and Lawbringer. Nobushi also saw a nice change that made her Hidden Stance much easier to activate. Revenge Mode also saw some nerfs and the amount of Revenged gained from gear pieces was also reduced.

    To make things even more convenient...
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  • Overwatch Support SR Gain Issues Addressed, “On Fire” Effects Clarified

    Some Support players in Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch haven’t been happy since update 1.9. There are reports of less Skill Rating or SR gained than usual while playing the class, which occurred after Blizzard made changes to how assists work. Principal designer Scott Mercer took to the official forums to address these concerns.

    Mercer noted that, “Over the past few weeks we’ve been reviewing reports from players about how their SR gains after a win appear to be lower...
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 To Have Deeper Gunplay, Elements Of Choice In Single Player

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 was revealed in its entirety just some days ago, and it is surprising how much hype and excitement there is for it, beyond the requisite amount that is generated any time the Star Wars name is involved. It has to do, perhaps, with just how much of a major improvement over the 2015 release, widely deemed to be disappointing by a lot of fans of the original duology, this new one seems to be.

    Now, we have more details courtesy of YouTuber BattlefrontUpdates,...
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  • Syberia 3’s New Launch Trailer Shows Off The Amazing Adventure That Awaits

    Syberia 3 is almost out- later this week in Europe, and a week from today in the US. The game has been a long time coming, having originally been announced in 2012 with a 2014 release date, slipping into 2016, and then being delayed into 2017 again. Many may have thought the game would never come- but we’re on the cusp of its release.

    Syberia 3 is the first full 3D game in the series, marking a shift away from its propensity for pre-rendered backgrounds, which should hopefully...
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  • Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro Head To Head Specs Comparison

    Incredibly, it’s been almost six months since Sony outed the PS4 Pro. Project Scorpio was little more than a teaser then, a tastefully positioned board shot (which allowed the intrepid eyes over at Digital Foundry to work out how much memory Scorpio had onboard, way before this month’s announcement).

    The PS4 and Xbox One continue to deliver ever-shinier visuals in titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Gears of War 4, making a good pass at, but not quite surmounting the uncanny...
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  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands: Narco Road Expansion Available Now

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands just got its Narco Road expansion release today. It is available to download now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, if you are a Season Pass holder. If not, you will have to wait till next week, when it will be available to buy from your system’s digital store.

    The file weighs in at 5.22GB, and adds new weapons, targets, racing challenges, scenarios, and vehicles to the game. It adds a total of 15 new campaign missions, as well as four new side missions, tasking...
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  • ‘We Have Something For Everyone,’ Says ID@Xbox Boss

    Xbox has made massive strides in providing a supportive environment for independent game developers - while it blazed the trail in this area with the Xbox 360, it had begun to fall behind by the end of the generation, especially as rival Sony and even Nintendo caught up. With the introduction of the Xbox One, it seemed as though Microsoft was hell bent on burning bridges with a community it had once fostered.

    That was then- things have improved massively since then, and Xbox...
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  • Nintendo Switch System Update 2.20 is Now Available

    Nintendo Switch System Update 2.20 is Now Available

    The Nintendo Switch has received a new update with update 2.2.0. What did the patch notes, crafted by informative folks at Nintendo, indicate about the update? Only that it brings “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.” We’ll have to wait for player feedback to know the extent of improvements.

    The update will download automatically if your Switch goes online though it’s possible to start the update manually as well. Once it’s done, the current...
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  • Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 Closed Beta Begins on April 21st

    Gazillion Entertainment confirmed recently that its action RPG Marvel Heroes Omega would be heading to PS4 and Xbox One. The closed beta for the PS4 version is now set to begin on April 21st with information on the Xbox One closed beta to follow later.

    If you purchase any of the Founder’s Packs from the PlayStation Store or the official website, then you’ll gain closed beta access. For PlayStation Plus subscribers taking part in the closed, there are other benefits including...
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  • Watch Dogs 2 Update Out Now, New Online Modes and Clothes Added

    Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 has received a significant update today with patch 1.13. As per the patch notes, there’s a new PvP mode with 15 different locations to battle in. The new 2v2 mode is called Showdown and supports matchmaking. There are three kinds of objects: Steal the HDD, Doom-load (a King of the Hill variant) and Erase/Protect the Servers. This is apparently an “endgame challenge” for players so check if it interests you. Another new addition is Online Races with Drone, Motocross...
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  • Persona 5 New Trailer Celebrates The Accolades It Has Gotten

    Atlus’ Persona 5 is the second highest rated game of this year, as well as the highest rated non remaster game on the PS4. It is one of the highest rated JRPGs of all time, and is widely considered to be the best game in the long running Persona series. In other words, it is fantastic by every standard- and this new trailer for the game, which is actually a remix of the ‘Sizzle trailer’ for the game that was released ahead of the game’s launch, reinforces that by showing all the accolades...
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  • The Walking Dead: Season 2, Assassin’s Creed Revelations Now Free for Xbox Live Gold

    It’s the middle of April and that means more free games for Xbox One users subscribed to Xbox Live Gold. Thank to Games With Gold and backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, you get two big games to play (not including Ryse: Son of Rome which is available till April end).

    For Xbox One, there’s The Walking Dead: Season Two which continues Clementine’s tumultuous journey in the post-apocalyptic, zombie-ridden world. Though not quite as highly rated as the first season,...
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  • Nier: Automata Receiving Arena DLC, Replicant-Inspired Costumes

    Platinum Games has announced DLC content for Nier: Automata and it seems 2B will be challenging some fearsome foes in a new arena mode. The DLC is called “3C3C1D119440927” and will feature three coliseums to fight in. There will also be side-quests to undertake which grant different rewards. These include hairspray for altering the hair colour of 2B and A2; masks that provide different effects when equipped; costumes from Nier: Replicant for 2B, 9S and A2; and records that can provide new music...
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  • Destiny 2: New Info Coming Soon, Game Will Be Like World of Warcraft

    Destiny 2 was recently announced, and the game will be launching this September, and as such, Bungie and Activision have done a great job of releasing a lot of interesting details and information on the game. And now it looks like we will have even more information on the game “very soon”.

    As per a post on Reddit, a number of YouTubers recently got the opportunity to speak with Activision and Bungie about Destiny 2 at length, and one of them revealed in their videos that the...
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 Info Blowout: Kamino, Class System, Gameplay And More

    EA recently announced Star Wars: Battlefront II along with a trailer, and fans have obviously been reacting very positively. Not only does the game look excellent, but other than expanding on its predecessor’s solid multiplayer core, it will also feature what looks to be an ambitious and compelling single player campaign, that will also be Star Wars canon to boot.

    However, that’s not all. We have plenty of more information on the game. For instance, we know that Kamino, the...
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  • Call of Duty 2017 World War 2 Is Sledgehammer’s Biggest Project

    Call of Duty 2017 hasn’t actually been announced yet, so we do not know- officially- just what kind of a game it will be. However, thanks to leaks, we do know that it seems like the series is going back to its World War II roots. Developers Sledgehammer, it seems, are quite excited to share information on the game with us.

    They recently posted a blog on Activision’s official website, talking about construction going on in their studio building that will see them expanding,...
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  • Overwatch Next Rumored Hero: Terry Crews Possibly Teases Doomfist

    Overwatch fans have been eagerly anticipating reveals of new upcoming heroes in the game since its release, and one highly popular demand has been to include Doomfist as a hero, with speculation running wild on the internet that the character will be voiced by popular actor Terry Crews. And now it seems like that might just be coming true, and what’s more, we might be hearing about it sooner that you think, at E3 this year.

    Terry Crews recently posted a video on Facebook, in...
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  • Sonic Mania New Video Shows Off Three Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

    Sonic Mania, which will be the return to form for Sega’s mascot with a brand new 2D installment that seems to be right out of the glory days of his 16 bit heyday on the Genesis, is almost here- and to ensure that you don’t lose excitement for it, Sega has put out a brand new video for the game, demonstrating 3 minutes of gameplay footage for it.

    The video shows off nostalgic graphics, physics, gameplay, levels, and music- basically, if you are someone who grew up with Sonic,...
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  • Tekken 7 New Video Shows Off An Exciting Match

    Tekken 7 New Video Shows Off An Exciting Match

    Tekken 7 is almost here- it will launch later this year, and Bandai Namco are sharing new videos for the game to amp up the hype. Take this newest one that was shared, for example- this one showcases a rather intense and exciting kerfuffle between Jin Kazama and Lin Xiaoyu, two classic characters from the Tekken franchise.

    The new installment has been available in arcades for a while now, but this will be the first time players at home will be able to play it. The game has already...
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 More Details - Space Battles, 40 Player Multiplayer, and More

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 was announced with a pretty exciting trailer earlier today. The trailer, while gorgeous and showcasing a rather intriguing story for the single player campaign, didn’t actually tell us much about what to expect from the sequel, however. Now, we finally have more details on what this new game will encompass.

    For starters, the campaign will follow the story of Commander Iden Versio, leader of the Galactic Empire’s elite special forces unit, Inferno Squad,...
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