There's presumably still some kinks left to be resolved, as Sony's PSN is once more scheduled to snooze from 9AM EST through 3AM. Longer than last month's efforts, it'll affect the PlayStation Store, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services on PlayStation Home. However, you will be able to continue online gaming if you sign in ahead of the downtime. Fortunately, most online play will be unaffected. Users who are already signed into their account on PlayStation Network before the start of the maintenance should be able to stay signed in to their online session, but will not be able to access any of the services listed above. Users who attempt to sign-in to their PlayStation Network account after the start of the maintenance may be presented with the site maintenance notification page if they haven’t signed in recently. During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game Trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.